Since 2008, we have started cultivating fruits, berries, and shrubs, and in 2018 established “Javkhlant Agro” LLC, restoring and protecting the natural state of our country and water, increasing employment at our local area, and expanding at the national level, thus leading to international vision.

“Javkhlant Agro” LLC is a producer of eco-friendly services and agricultural products, while the “Naadaan Resort” resort and tourist camp is based on eco-tourism.

Our company employs 19 employees and employees, and employs students and locals in over ten workplaces.

“Restaurant Resident” restaurant has the capacity to receive 120 people at a time and the professional chefs and community service are waiting for you. “Nadaan Resort” is the “Noyd VIP” 2-storey house and 5 logs for 4 people and 5-bed house for 4 seasons.